Reading the News So You Don’t Have To: Jason Collins Edition

Not everyone can follow the 24-hour sports new cycle like we do at Picked Last. We even like doing this. Here’s the some of the best words written about Jason Collins being gay.

Let’s get it erm… straight. Jason Collins is Not the First Out Gay Athlete.

Despite his own claim that there are “no words for how historic this is,” Dave Zirin nonetheless finds words to describe how historic Jason Collins coming out is. Spoiler: it’s “massively huge.”

LZ Granderson launches epic zinger (and support for abstinence before marriage?!) in response to Chris Broussard’s statement that gayness is “an open rebellion to God”:

Just because someone doesn’t agree with one person’s interpretation of the Bible vs the other, doesn’t mean that they have the exclusive right to dictate how that person should live. I would love not to have premarital sex. But in this country, I’m not allowed to get married

Jason Collins may also need to come out as 6-10 and not  7-0. Since I claim 6′ with shoes, socks, and sandals over the shoes, I can empathize. Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski did get it terribly wrong. Let’s note again that Jason Collins is Not the First Out Gay Athlete and not correcting that point ignores the many courageous LGBT women (and some men) who preceded him.

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Arnovitz since back when he ran Clipperblog and even now with the 24-hour-sports-network-that-shall-not-be-named. Good reflections on Jason Collins from a sportswriter who also happens to be gay, and who’s written some smart things on the topic:

A human being simply can’t live in fear of his or her own identity. Anyone who has could tell you how torturous it is. Jason Collins understood that, and that realization fueled his decision to come out as an openly gay man on Monday.

Finally, some hopeful words from bloggers who’s been at this gay and into sports thing for a while.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean the fight is over. No single announcement can end decades of struggle. Collins’ story is the latest in a growing chorus that is quickly drowning out the naysayers, the homophobes, the people who are clinging to a past when sports wasn’t open to everyone.


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