Less on Collins, More on Parsons

First things first, this story coming from the MLS (Major League Soccer, since only like 200 people follow it, no offense Eric) about the Portland Timbers franchise hosting a ‘make a wish’ game for a fan is beautiful. The ‘4 major sports’ in the US could take a page out of the MLS book on this one, warning, it’ll get you misty-eyed. #getwellatticus

To continue with the idea that every post should have a Jason Collins mention, I’ll be quick and mention that he was on the BS report podcast with Bill Simmons, and it was fantastic. Totally check it out. Shocker of the podcast is that (it appears) notable Bay Area face Tim Hardaway has come around on LGTBQ rights. Great podcast. Kick it here.

NHL Playoffs started today. Since most of us (myself and Timmy included) don’t follow hockey until at least the 1st round of the playoffs, maybe even the second;  a quick guide to jumping on a solid bandwagon is here. Start sending your hatemail, I’m a longtime Canucks fan and  I don’t care.

All I have to say about Yu Darvish is ‘wow.’ Great .gif showing just that those 5 pitches come off the hand; so precise, it’s perfection. Enjoy, watch on repeat as I do, soaking it in.

Now, on to the person of the hour. Chandler Parsons. For those who know me, my favorite basketball players are those 6’4″ ish, white shooting forwards with poor/average defense. I appreciate pure shot, despite it’s downside. File myself under the general umbrella of the Mark Price/Steve Kerr fan. Chandler Parsons is not quite that, but in today’s NBA, he’s so much of that and more.

This is especially pertinent because tonight, The Houston Rockets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder to pull this thing to 3-2 (OKC with the lead). Parsons has come up big alongside James Harden, with a nearly 45% fg% tonight; through 27 points and was 3/6 from ‘beyond the arc’ as they say. Big things coming from Parsons.

We love you too Chandler.


One comment

  1. Timmy

    Seriously?! The Kings ranked 15th on the bandwagon, and 2nd for the Ducks? Yech! And what happened to all the bandwagoners from last season who realized that there was still sports happening at Staples even after the Lakers and Clips got eliminated?

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