AT&T Park Workers Looking for More Than A “Giant Zero”

Billie Feliciano, Concessions at AT&T Park for 35 years

Image credit: UNITE HERE Local 2

The San Francisco Giants are a baseball team, and their concessions workers think they can do better. I may not care much for them (the team, not the workers), but I will accept that they are a baseball team, and a pretty successful one these last few years #facts. They’ve also done it without spending a gazillion dollars, leveraging Magic Johnson, and still generally being mediocre. Sigh.*

So despite the success and the parades and all that, the 800 concessions workers with Giants subcontractor Centerplate are looking for a better deal. In fact, they’ve been working without a contract for three years now (hmm… about the time they won that title) and aren’t happy about it since the Giants are making out like… Pirates? According to the SF Chronicle:

The union first made its feelings public in February at the Giants FanFest, where they handed out baseball-shaped leaflets reminding everyone not only that the team has won two World Series in the past three years, but its value has risen $160 million in that time. All while the workers — who earn anywhere from $10.45 to $19.44 an hour — got zippo raises. [emphasis added]

Did I mention San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the US to live in? You can support the workers in their fight to increase wages and some basic respect really, by signing this petition

Feeling obligated to add, as a lifelong Giants fan, and someone who splits season tickets (and doesn’t mind that the Dodgers are a disaster) I’m disgusted at my team for this behavior. Let’s make sure this becomes an issue for Giants fans, and organize/support the hardworking folks who have not done well while the team (and especially the owners) have. Often these end up being some sort of anti-sports person vs. fan argument, here at this blog, we generally see that as a bad framework. Let’s build a movement of fans, workers, and supporters towards a bit of economic justice, and a bit of spreading the wealth around.


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