Dave Zirin Interview: Where Sports and Politics Collide

So here it is, you wondered where I was (or more likely, probably didn’t). Dave Zirin spoke last week on 2 occasions here in the Bay Area.

After his San Francisco tour stop, I was able to get 10 minutes of time with him to ask a few questions we’ve been mulling over here on this side of the blog.

We discussed (evil) Marlins ownership, the greater question of how to be a conscious sports fan in this world of wealthy owners who are ruining sports fans, and outspoken athletes  in addition to finally settling the long-standing debate of how to say his last name properly.

You can’t tell the story of the Civil Rights movement without talking about Jackie Robinson. And you can’t talk about the history of the 60’s without talking about Ali and Billie Jean King. An now forever more you can’t tell the story of LGBT liberation without talking about Martina Navratilova, Brittney Griner, and now Jason Collins. So it’s a part of our history.

Approximately 10 minutes running time, so a quick view. Thankfully, my good friend David Zlutnick was able to film. Enjoy.

(many thanks to Dave Zirin and David Zlutnick/Upheaval Productions for being a part of this)



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