Picked Last interviewed on KPFA’s Up Front

Hey everyone, working on a few new pieces that are taking longer than we hoped, but rest assured we are alive and well, and waiting to post on the sadness of losing D-Howard to the Rockets (Laker Nation and Warrior bandwagon jumpers such as myself mourn) as well as the amnesty of Metta World Peace (I have a lot to say on that issue). We’re still in recovery over here.

In the meantime, I was on Up Front with guesthost Marie Choi last Friday.

These interviews are fun; as they are a way of connecting a totally different group of people to Picked Last. Not to drag out a tired old cliche, but I’d venture a guess the average KPFA listener may not be super knowledgeable about the beauty of Giancarlo Stanton‘s swing…

but also have to (of course)  make sure to explain why we all hate Jeffrey Loria so much as well.

It’s an honor to get to do so, and I hope to do some more work with KPFA/Marie in the future.

For now,

Enjoy, I start talking around 33 minutes.



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