Picked Last Podcast #1

Pier30-32 Rendering

The proposed Warriors arena/happy kayak launch point. Image credit: San Francisco City & County

We’re back! Join Picked Last as we kick off our first podcast episode. We discuss Bay Area sports teams: Raiders, 49ers, A’s and Warriors, the Oakland A’s attempts to move to San Jose, and local sports arena deals in Oakland and San Francisco.

Special thanks to Marie Choi of Apex Express for working the sound board (is that what it’s called??) and arranging this first recording. Be sure to check out their weekly show on Asian and Pacific Islander perspectives, every Thursday at 7PM at KPFA.org or at 94.1 FM (in the Bay Area).

We’re sorry we haven’t been able to bring you more Picked Last goodness the last several weeks, but we’ve both been dealing with coincidentally timed and separate family health issues. And if we haven’t told you in person, we have deep appreciation, thanks, and love to our many friends who’ve supported us while we’ve handled biz during this hiatus.

This is our initial podcast, so please send us any and feedback via Facebook or Twitter at @timmyhlu or @harjitsgill! We’d love to hear what you think. Also, please note that we stand by our assessments of the Warriors season, despite their blisteringly good start. Small sample size people, small sample size.


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