Schools Not Stadiums For Sacramento

The following is by a contributor from Sacramento. A lifelong Kings fan, Petey is writing to us about the difficulty in managing his love of the Kings, and the obvious connection between the new Sacramento stadium deal and the budget cuts/closure of public schools. Food for thought.

kings: schools not stadiums

photo by Petey of the Sacramento Kings mural.

This Sacramento Kings mural (city approved) appears on 16th street, between Q and R streets and has so for years now. Well, a few months ago the “Schools Not Stadiums” message was seen in the same spot you see it here in the photo. Not long after that the artist touched up this mural and the message was no longer seen.

As quickly as the message disappeared from the center of the mural it reappeared in the same spot less then two weeks later.

There are clearly foes of the downtown arena that will not disappear, and will not be silent while schools are closing and the plans for the new downtown arena continue to move forward.

Earlier this year a vote passed to close seven schools in Sacramento, and during that time the city was making every effort to keep pro basketball in Sacramento through an arena subsidy plan. The words “Schools Not Stadiums” might just seem like graffiti on top of a mural, but these words are important to many of people in Sacramento that care about more then just basketball.


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