harjitHarjit S. Gill

Hi, my name is Harjit, and welcome to Picked Last Sports.

I wanted to take this moment and introduce myself to the readers of this blog; and give a little background on myself while explaining what it is we plan on doing with this site. First, me.

I’m a 30 year old social worker living in Oakland, CA as I have for a number of years. I’ve been a sports fan all of my life (closeted for a period of punk/it’s not ok to like sports period) before coming back out and being a very open/proud lefty who loves sports. Sometimes that’s considered some sort of odd combination, but we’re here to do something a little different. Often what people consider ‘not being political’ just means allowing the dominant (right-wing/conservative) politics reign. We’re challenging that a bit, but also keeping our eyes on the game.

Personally, I’m primarily obsessed with baseball and analytics (Giants and Rays fan), some football (49ers) and basketball (Lakers, some Warriors). I will write about soccer some as well (Barcelona, some MLS action as it’s relevant) and hockey (Canucks). As I write that list of teams out, I realize it’s kind of an odd blob and will probably need to explain it in a later post.

Timmy and I came up with this idea (and the eventual, hopeful podcast/show that may develop which is a sparkle in our eyes right now) talking about how we should really write some of our sports musings and thoughts out, and that some of the insight we have into the game as nerds of the highest variety should be shared with the people we know in a less rambling and more organized manner. We hope you’ll interact with us as we give this a shot, offer comments, writings, emails, thoughts, etc. Welcome to the site.

Timmy at Occupy SF marchTimmy Lu

“It’s your team, you should write about it.”

If you’ve ever seen the sportswriter Dave Zirin speak in person, you’ve heard him respond to the statement “Hey Dave, you should write about what’s going on with [insert home team]” with the above quote. This site is an experiment in building a community of sports fans interested in not whether “sports and politics collide”, but how.

This is not a new idea, but we think we’ve got the secret sauce to make this work: ask die-hard sports fans to write about the teams, stories and issues they care about most.

If you need to know, I’m a community organizer working in Oakland. I’m a Lakers fan from Showtime on, the Clippers is the team I’ve rooted for the hardest since they’ve been so bad much of my life, and I can safely say I was a hockey and LA Kings fan before the movie The Mighty Ducks (though that movie is like, the best). If I had to pick an NFL team it’d be the Raiders, and I root for the Dodgers in the post-season because of geographic loyalty and a general lack of patience for a 162-game season.

I hope you stick around, this is going to be fun.


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